On second thought...

let's not go there.

'Tis a silly page.

What... is your quest?

Try the menu links above. Maybe connect to Khasa. Or you might try our SearXNG metasearch. It doesn't track you and filters out alot of junk results for better quality results. Please consider making a donation if you use it.

All links to hub.7t4.us are no longer valid. Most of the Hubzilla pages were lost when our former hosting provider disappeared without warning and we lost any access to those servers and the backups held there.

The 7T4 System Blog and The Cluster B Sides Blog that were here when the site used Odoo as a CMS no longer exists. That content is archived and will be reposted at some point, most likely in Khasa. Make a donation and it will show up sooner!

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